Being a mother of two kids doesn’t stop me from doing what I love most : having close relationship with technology and design. That is why I chose to do web design, where I can keep up with the latest technology and still enjoy playing with colors and layout and images.

I’ve been working in this business for quite some times. It started when I was still teaching at STIKOM Surabaya as a lecturer in Turbo C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET and other programming classes, I got hooked up playing with Macromedia Dreamweaver and also Adobe Photoshop in my spare time and started designing website for friends and families.

Short story,

It has been 16 years today since I started this. And now not only doing the website design, people also asked me to design their logo, company profile, stationery and not to mention handle their SEO to make sure their website got all the attention needed.

A little bit too much? No, because I have this amazing team of freelancers helping me. They are willing to go beyond limit, spend more times and effort to cope with my perfectionist nature and provide everything for my client.

Whenever you are ready, drop me a message and discuss your need with me. I’d be more than happy to help!

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If you think your business should stand out among other similar competitors, has an artistic design yet fully functional and not just goes where the wind blows, you talk to the right person. I will help you plan everything from the scratch – start from discussing about your business and how would you want it to perform in front of the audience, what kind of impression you’d like to create and what kind of website we should create.

Based on that discussion I will then design the logo and help you write the content (if needed) and start developing the website. Once it is done, I will have it submit to Google and other search engines to make it easy to find. I will also set up the email address, Google Business Page and Google Map.

Basically, what I do is helping you put your business on the right place through my design, whether it is a logo and company profile design or website design.


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Ridwan Ananta
Ridwan Ananta
06:46 08 Nov 17
PT. Wilma Ragam Infopen telah menggunakan jasa A&K Webdesign sejak tahun 2015. Banyak positif yang kami dapat yaitu produk kami banyak orang tahu
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The same questions that linger in mind of my new clients. Find the answers here!

I choose WordPress because it has the quality needed to create a full-features website with professional look, yet it is simple enough for clients who wishes to learn to update the content themselves.

WordPress is not only for blog, it is suitable for any kind of website such as e-commerce,  company profile, portfolio, animation, property, all kind of website!

It depends on what kind of website that you order. For a standard company profile, it usually takes no more than 5-7 working days (the counter starts right after you provide all the material in soft copy).

After maximum of 7 working days I will send you the link of the website where you may check and review everything. And we will start from there to polish everything up to your liking.

For other kind of website, please kindly check on the time estimation stated on my quotation.

Here is the catch : I do not set a limitation for the revision. If you are not satisfy with the design, let me know and I will revise them according to your need. We aim for perfection here, promise.

Oh and have you heard about this too? I do not set a limitation on the pages and menus either! So feel free to put all your thought and ideas on the website, no extra charge!

Unlimited pages, unlimited menus, unlimited revisions.

I honestly telling you that yes, there are a lot of website designer that offers similar service with cheaper price, some of them even go as low as 300.000 or 500.000 IDR. But you need to ask them these before you proceed :

  1. Is there going to be any monthly/yearly “maintenance fee” for this? And how much? There is no other fee, no monthly nor yearly. You pay one time only and there is no obligation to use my service in the future.
  2. Do I get the domain and hosting registered under my name? Do I have to share it with other users? Domain and hosting will be registered under your name and won’t be share with other users. You’ll get your own user and password and your own CPanel. Your data is safe with you.
  3. Are you going to help arranging all the content, retouch the image, upload all the articles OR do I have to do it myself using the admin panel? I will handle everything, writing the articles based on your information, retouch the pictures, arranging everything until your website is ready to launch. However you may opt to update the content yourself in the future using the WordPress admin panel that is simple and easy to use.
  4. If someday my website got hacked or infected with a virus, can you help restore the backup? Your server has automatic backup for daily/weekly/monthly. I will help you restore them in no charge. Usually it takes 1 hour – max 24 hours to do it.

So, you see.. my price is actually very reasonable. I use stock photos as the illustration (legally purchased for website uses), not just grab them from Google somewhere (where you might encounter copyright problem in the future). I do not set a limitation for the content, you might put as many pages as you think necessary.

Absolutely not. You only need to pay 10% of the total amount as the down payment, and it will get you a domain of your choice and 2GB hosting. And you do not have to pay anything else until I finished working on your project and your website is ready to launch. No risk, no worry!

I am a freelancer and do not have any official office address. I work with my team in the comfort of our home and get together whenever needed. However, most of us are reside in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara area. Feel free to meet up in any location that is convenient for you

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Something is still bothering you and you cannot find the answer here?

Drop me a line or two and do not forget to mention about what's in your head. I would love to help answering your question!

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