CRIETA LOGISTICS is the 2nd company profile website in logistics area that I worked on. What makes it different is that the owner has unique vision about the website. He did not want it to be just similar standard company profile, he wanted it to be different, informative and interactive so that people would actually stop and read, not just scroll through then leave.

So I proposed a website that not just using stockphotos as the illustration, but instead, using a hand-drawn picture, served as the information chart and illustration background. With a help from talented illustrator that happened to be a friend of mine, Soe the Arts I managed to finished this projects.

Now the website, equipped with Instagram and Facebook profile, serves as the digital marketing tools for Crieta Logistics and starts its purpose to not just provide information but finding leads for the company as well.

Visit the website here :

And don’t forget to visit (and follow) their Instagram and Facebook too.