company profile website for a premium laundry service in Surabaya


  • Client: D2C Laundry & Wet Clean
  • Date: 11/10/2021
  • Skills: HTML, PHP, CMS, SEO, Wordpress
  • Demo: Live Link

D2C Laundry & Wet Clean, Premium Laundry

By creating a website with professional look and optimize the usage of Google Business Page, Google Map and also Google Adwords, D2C Laundry & Wet Clean Surabaya has climbed to the top of the food chain in the laundry and dry clean industry in Surabaya.

Designed using clean, minimalist and bright theme, this website provides complete information about premium laundry service that they offer. Its dual language feature is purposely developed to aim for local customers as well as expatriate resides in Surabaya and in need of a good laundry.

Try google them using these keywords and watch how their website always shows up on the 1st page or even on the 1st rank of Google!

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Curious? Visit their website at
D2C Laundry & Wet Clean Surabaya, CMS 2017


I redesigned and revamped company profile website for D2C Laundry Surabaya at the end of 2021 to create more powerful, clean and simple layout to make it easier for their future customer to find what they needed : best laundry services in Surabaya.

Don’t forget to stop by and check it out!

D2C Laundry & Wet Clean Surabaya, CMS 2021

Company Profile Website for Laundry Premium Services Website Compro untuk Penyedia Jasa Laundry