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  • Client: Du Anyam
  • Date: 01/01/2021
  • Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Copywriting, Canva, InShot, Video Editing
  • Demo: Live Link

Du Anyam, Social Enterprise Excelled Through Digital Marketing

One of the most unique client of mine during 2021, is Du Anyam. A social enterprise empowering women in the rural, East part of Flores, NTT by teaching them how to make weaving products such as bags, home decorations, corporate souvenirs etc and then help marketing it to big companies in Indonesia and worldwide.

Their biggest problem is on how to reach the right people and let them know about their work so they can participate by buying their handicraft to support those women from East Flores. Not just telling people that they are exist, but also let them know about their daily activities, how they encourage those ladies to gain their self confidents, introduce them to the latest technology such as Google Form, Zoom meeting and other stuff.

So how to achieve those goals? Social media is the right answer!

By maximize the power of social media, we can reach out to the right people and showing them everything we’d like to show them. The tricky part is on how to present everything to interest people and give the right images to them.

This is what I do:

  • Create Feed Instagram Posts with visually engaging stories about daily activities, products, achievements and also cultural/women empowerment education contents, consistently 3 times a week
  • Create Instagram Story, with Swipe Up to the marketplace for their retail sale purposes
  • Reply to all comments and DMs in timely manner to encourage more engagements from our follower
  • Create Instagram Ads with fast-loading landing page, targeting the right segment.


Some of the Instagram Feed Posts :

Social Media management Jasa sosmed management

jasa atur konten sosmed social media management for company branding & instagram management

Find out more high engagement posts of Du Anyam here


Some of the Instagram Story I created:

Instagram story swipe up swipe up instagram story instagram management service social media management for company

swipe up story instagram instagram story link to marketplace instagram social media manager content creator social media instagram ads management

And lastly, eye-catching Instagram Ads that brings valuable leads and new followers!

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  • Client: Kalea Lift Indonesia
  • Date: 02/01/2012
  • Skills: Social Media Management, PHP, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Wordpress

Kalea Lift, Full Digital Marketing

As the second line brand from Cibes Lift Indonesia, Kalea Lift adopted the same strategy as Cibes, by doing a full scale of Digital Marketing, including of Website, Landing Pages, Google Ads, Google Business Page & Google Map, Youtube & Youtube Ads, Social Media (Instagram and Facebook) and Social Media Ads.

Same as Cibes, I created social media account for Kalea since the very beginning and managed it until 2021 (February 2012 – December 2021) with current followers of  15K. Here are some Instagram Ads I designed and run for them:

pasang instagram ads instagram ads social media management sosmed ads fb ads FB IG Ads


And some landing pages, designed for focused keywords:

Landing page for “Lift kursi roda”

Landing page for expats searching for “home lift” in Indonesia


company profile website for home lift manufacturer from sweden


  • Client: Cibes Lift Indonesia
  • Date: 08/11/2015
  • Skills: Social Media Management, PHP, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Wordpress

Cibes Lift, Full Package of Digital Marketing

One of the most effective way to boost your Google Ads performance and also helps with the SEO is by creating a landing page, one landing page for each keyword. Cibes Lift was one of my first client. It’s a elevator business from Sweden, with a wide range of home elevator to offer.

They use full digital marketing scheme as their marketing strategy and has managed to grow their business from zero to one of the biggest elevator company here in Indonesia, in only less than 3 years. Full digital marketing means they use the full power of website, Google Business Page and Google Map, Google Ads, social media and also social media ads to get the right branding and collect prospective leads.

Landing page for “Wheel chair elevator” 

Landing page for “lift rumah Makassar”

Landing page for “lift rumah Surabaya”

I created and managed their Instagram account since the very beginning, August 2015 until recently Dec 2021. From zero follower until 19K followers. And here are some Instagram Ads and also landing pages I created for them. Check them out and feel free to discuss your need with me!


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Ah and last ones, I also designed some posters and brochures for marketing purpose, such as these ones:

brochure and catalog design jakarta

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