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One very important question, frequently asked by my clients “Err.. how much do I need to spend for Digital Marketing?” How much Google Ads will charge me to put on my website on the first page of Google Search? What, Instagram Ads? More extra cost? How much?


My dear clients,

I have good news for you! Google Ads and Instagram Ads will charge you according to your budget! So you’re the one who determine how much do you want to spend for those ads! Really? How come?

So this is how Digital Marketing (read: Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads) works :

  1. We set a budget on how much do we want to spend per day. Could be 1$ or 100$, it’s up to us.
  2. Google/Instagram/Facebook will then calculate and compare with ads from similar products/services, taking into account our relativity with content from our website, keywords that we choose, etc than give our ads a score. The higher the score, the cheaper we have to pay for each click.
  3. Let’s say we set an ads about sport shoes 5$ a day. Other company also set 5$ a day for their shoes to be advertise in Google. Google will then look up and analyze our website and that company’s website to see which content has better information needed by the customer. We could end up paying 0.5$ per click, while that company has to pay 1$ per click since our website contains more information about sport shoes than theirs. Get it?
  4. With 0.5$ per click, that 5$ budget will give us 10 clicks (approximately) per day. Let’s say 1 person out of that 10 people who saw our ads, clicked on it and went to our website decided to buy 1 shoes, then we can say that we pay 5$ to get 1 new customer! Not bad, right?

So now the tricky question will be,

How to make Google think we deserved the highest point for our ads so that we get to pay the cheapest? The point is, Google will help those who help their customers get what they want. Simply said, if someone looking for a specific sport shoes and our ads & website help him get what he want, then we get more point! So we need to create good website with respective keywords and copywriting, set up the script, tags etc and set up the Google Ads itself that suits our website. That’s where you need a digital marketing specialist to help you with this.

A good digital marketing specialist will help you set up an ads that suits your need with optimum price. They will also monitor, give new advice and ideas on how to adjust the ads for better result and of course create report every month.

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