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I once read this book named “Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising” wrote by Perry Marshal and team, it was a few years ago when Facebook is the biggest and boldest social media in the world.

In Indonesia people didn’t want to miss the train and tried their best to hook up on that Facebook thingy. They created Facebook page or even used their own personal account to try selling things. Anything. From fashion, games, toys, foods, collectible items and even sex.. all using Facebook and the all mighty Facebook Ads. And it actually worked. Massive transactions happened thanks to Facebook and the Facebook Ads.

But according to that book from Perry Marshal, not all the goods are good for Facebook Ads. The theory was, people used Facebook for socializing, they want to check out on their friends and relatives, catching up with their daily life and stuff. So if you want to sell something related to that social life, then YES you are eligible for Facebook Ads and you will definitely make good money out of it. But if your goods are “too serious” for daily life, then Facebook cannot do the magic for you.

To make it simple :

You might succeed in selling pajamas, homemade cookies, cute hair clips, trip to an island and stuff.. but you won’t be able to sell industrial machines, a pick up truck, electronic equipment and sort of things.

But I guess Perry Marshal will have to revise his theory nowadays. Today we can easily sell things worth of hundred of millions IDR using social media, no matter how serious it is. And yes, Facebook is not the mighty Zeus anymore nowadays, since Instagram has taken over since the last 2 years.

One of my client has been using Instagram Ads to get leads, and it actually works. With as low as 5 USD budget per day, they get approximately 3-5 leads per day. People are DM-ing them (term for Direct Message) asking for price list, inquires and promotion, attracted by the Instagram Ads flashing in their feed or story.

Instagram Ads – running on Story
Instagram Ads running on Feed

How Much We Should Spend on Instagram Ads?

The next question is, how much budget do we need to spend on Instagram Ads ideally? The answer would be : depends. Instagram Ads doesn’t force you to spend a certain amount of money, instead you are allowed to set the budget according to your need. As a starter, I would suggest you to try 3-5 USD per day with 3 days running time per ads.

So you create an ads with the right dimension that will fit Instagram feed and story, the right color and wording that encourage people to contact you. Than you choose the right audience you want to target. For example, if you are trying to sell high end party dress, you might choose : women, 30-50 years old, located in your city, who like “Furla, Michael Korrs, Kate Spade”.

Then you set the budget for 3 USD per day and have it run for 3 days (total budget will be 9 USD). Then you wait for people to DM you. And don’t forget to reply as soon as you get the message, even if the message came at night when you are ready to doze off. Instagram people tend to directly contact you anytime they see your Ads, even if it’s on midnight.

And for me, Instagram Ads is a nice way to get leads and deals with minimum amount of budget and definitely a YAY.

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