using social media to sell things

If you notice, most well-known brand or product or even celebrities are using social media intensively. Whether it is an Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or Facebook. They do not just play with it, they are taking it seriously by having a professional team to manage and take care of those social media accounts. That team will plan what to post, taking nice pictures or videos using professional photographers, and taking turn in responding all the comments on their post.

Why taking it seriously?

Because without posting on those social media, you (read : your business or your product) are simply not exist. Yes. There are no “you” in this world. Have you notice that creamy Japanese cheese cake that successfully make people lining up for meters right after their opening? You haven’t even tried it yet.. but it feels familiar. You know what they sell, how it smell, how much is the price, and you are almost certain that it is deliciously great! But how? Because you saw your office mate posted the picture on the Instagram last week, and 2 days after one of your basketball team mate mentioned in their Facebook about how delicious that cheese cake and how people are going crazy lining up in front of their store.

You know exactly what it is, and the next time you pass by their store you would absolutely buy one just so you can try it for yourself and join the crowd that has tried that cheese cake. See? Notice the pattern here? Because you saw it on social media, you know that cheese cake’s existence. 

Imagine if you are the owner of that cheese cake store. What would you do? You will encourage every people buying your cake to post everything on their social media, you might even want to create a hashtag to that. So as the owner of that business, here is the right thing to do :

  1. Create a website, put all the information needed there such as : location and complete address along with phone number/Whatsapp and map to each of your branch. Also put nicely shot pictures of your products, along with tantalizing description such as “Creamy cheese that will melt in your mouth and leave nothing but a crunchy aftertaste that will provoke you to grab that second piece…”. Yeah, sort of things, you know what I mean.
  2. Create a suitable social media and get followers as much as you can. Your follower doesn’t have to be your customer, but their friends might be your customer someday if you play it right! And what I mean by “suitable” social media is, you need to figure out what is the right social media for your business. Let’s say you sell cheese cake, Instagram and Youtube will be your best of friends. Facebook might do as well. But forget about Twitter.
  3. Post something on your social media routinely. At least once a day. And DO NOT spamming. Post an advertising about your business 2-3 times per hour is considered as spamming. People tend to get bored and stop paying attention to your posts once you did that, or they might simply unfollow you. Post something useful, such as articles or funny jokes or motivational quotes between post about your product. It will keep you in your followers’ friend list.

Embrace the social media world and use them to boost your existence! Start today!



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